There is something to be said for being prepared for any situation, whether it be a severe storm, wine cellar, storage bunker or a dooms day event. Repurposed from a recently manufactured oil storage tank, these bunkers are the perfect fit for any planner.  As the installation location will vary; it is the purchasers responsibility to conform with local code, permitting, and recommended engineering practices upon installation. There are 9,500 cubic feet of storage with 3/16″ steel side walls with ends sloped 1:6 adding additional rigidity.  Seams for the bunker are welded on the inside and the outside as well as internally and externally 100% coated, adding additional support and longevity. Angle supports for the floor, overhead storage and structural support, include 2″x2″x1/8″.  Ventilation and the installation of electrical systems are a breeze with 7×4″ NPT collars. A steel access ladder and ladder hole assembly are included to complete the bunker’s accesibility. Furthermore, fiberglass and steel floor decking is available at an additional cost.

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