Hunting Blinds

Are you an avid hunter? Is the thrill of the kill in your veins?  Hess Services manufactures a fiberglass hunting blind built for longevity.  These aren’t your average everyday hunting blinds! This blind is approximatley 8′ tall by 6′ wide with 3/8″ thick walls. Who wants to mess with repairing rotting wood or cleaning up rodents and bugs anymore. This 100% fiberglass shell is completly seamless. What does that mean for you? No wasps, rodents or snakes can gain access to your blind. With quality doors and RV sliding windows you will have 360 degree visability for the hunt. In addition, the all steel base, stairs and platform are OSHA compliant and can help aging hunters stay in the game for a lifetime of hunting. The elevated design minimizes damage from uncontrolled pasture burning. Available in tan or green. Never be cold or wet again for $3,500. Make the leap to luxurious hunting with a Hess Services Hunting Blind.

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