Well Stream Process Package

The HSI Well Stream Process Package (U.S. PATENT #US8268051B2) offers a unique solution to a number of logistical hurdles often encountered following the completion of a conventional Bakken formation oil well. As the Bakken formation matures in its development, the industry continues to see increases in the production costs associated with the lack of a skilled and experienced labor pool, the shortage of quality equipment, and the shortage of resources associated with coordinating proper installation and equipment start-up. We’ve taken a proactive approach to minimize many of these project costs with setup and maintenance. The Well
Stream Process Package is quickly delivered, quickly installed, cheaply maintained, and can be relocated with minimal costs. 

The Well Stream Process Package incorporates vertical vessel operation with the mobility of a horizontal configuration and the convenience of a prefabricated building enclosure of a horizontal configuration. The main vessel rests in the horizontal position during transportation and offloading. Following unloading, the crane operator rotates the vessel into the vertical position for normal operation. Workers then connect the integrated process piping to the main vessel which are located inside the piping skid and building. The unit is now ready for well stream, tank battery, flare, and sale gas connections.

General Overview

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General Process Overview & Equipment

Well stream processing is accomplished through a common industry piping orientation. The incoming emulsion passes through a 3” check valve and enters a 30”x10’ Vertical 3-Phase Gas Separator (VGS) operating at 125 psig. A Kimray float operated mechanical dump valve controls the separator emulsion level and a Welmark PRV guards against over pressuring the vessel. Well gas travels to the sale line through a Kimray back pressure regulator.

A 6’x20’ Vertical Heater Treater (VHT) operating at 75 psig is located downstream of the 2-Phase separator which separates the oil from the produced water. The use of an adjustable Weir allows the operator to regulate the treater interface level while Kimray counterweight style treater valves control oil and water flow out of the treater. A 500K BTU/hr firetube burner is fired using gas extracted in the gas section of the treater.

The Well Stream Process Package connections consist of CL150 Lap flanges and Sch80 Pipe on all runs 2” and larger. Each vessel’s placement allows for bypass capability as well as a system back flush and recirculation. Component placement allows for isolation prior to removal.

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Prefabricated & Mobile

The Well Process Package is a complete “turn key” system prefabricated at the Hess Services, Inc. manufacturing plant in Hays, Kansas. Preinstalled process piping, valves, controls and VGS are located inside a prefabricated building and skid. The turn key design virtually eliminates site completion issues associated with inexperienced labor.

The Well Stream Process Package can be transported on a standard flat bed trailer to the location and unloaded using a single 70-ton crane. If the well “plays out” or the choice is made to utilize a central processing facility, the Well Stream Process Package can be shut down; the VHT returned to the horizontal position, and relocated in a matter of hours.

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Single Load Delivery & One Day Set-Up

The innovative design of the Well Stream Process Package facilitates the ability to utilize a single load delivery-reducing realized cost associated with transportation, and eliminates unknown additional costs attributed to multiple load scheduling, multiple crane operations, and secondary “roustabout” contractors.

Site location accessibility is another common challenge in the Bakken formation. The remoteness of the site coupled with inclement winter weather or muddy spring thaws plays a pivotal role in completion cost. The Hess Services Well Stream Process Package’s short offload and set-up time ensures fast hook up. “If you can get there today, you can be finished today.”