Catwalks & Crossovers

Safety and accesibility are a must for any well site! Hess Services offers a full line of stairways, walkways and walkovers. We build the Hess Medium Duty, 2018-50PSF, and API 12R1 OSHA Compliant varieties.  Improve the safety of your well site with our designs! Our systems are designed in a comprehensive fabrication shop where all the components are brought in as a single, sheet and plate. The parts are formed on our CNC machine with punches and brakes to produce the required shape, resulting in a cost  effective efficient design. We manufacture all our products with galvanized steel and a powder coat finish to ensure durability for years to come. Our engineering team will work with you to design a system that will work on your site. Each and every design has grated serrations to assure each step is safe and secure even in icy or muddy conditions. Our in-house engineering, fabrication, surface preparation, production and shipping makes the entire process turnkey.   Our stairways, walkways and walkovers are an efficient, safe way to improve access to equipment and add mobility to your well site.

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