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Hess Services manufactures a turnkey system that is a prefabricated, preinstalled processed piping, valves, controls, building and skid. The skid is prewired to a junction box in a specified area clasification.  Our Master Electricican in conjuntion with our other on staff electicicans with code check and wire wire your skid. An additional feature, heat tracing, can be designed and installed to meet  the needed applicaiton. The vessels on these systems are wrapped in 1.5″ thick crimp wrap fiberglass insulation with a foil facing. The sheet mtal in then installed and sealed to provide the completes barrier. Furthermore, we will design, fabricate, sew and install the removeable insulation bags that contain 1″ think insulation within the system.  Insulation bags are designed with silicon and PTFE coated fabric and threads to withstand 450 degrees of direct contact.  The heat will not penetrate this system.  

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