Fiberglass Tanks

Strength to weight ratio is a well known advantage of fiberglass. Our tanks are fabricated on specially built and engineered mandrels that contract, which allow the tank to release from the mandrel cleanly. Each tank is filliment wound and fabricated as a one-piece construction with the sides and bottom being formed at the same time. What does this mean for you? There are no bottom seams or vertical seams on our tanks to fail. Resin is uniformly measured to ensure that we meet the design thickness using multiple methods. After completion, the tank is tested for material hardness against manufacturers specifications in order to verify a proper cure. We offer tanks in 15’6″, 12′, 10′, 8′, 6′, which is standard diameter, and then we will provide varing heights.  In addition, we have access to numerous types of resins in order to meet storage compatability. We utilize gel coating on the outside of our tanks instead of paint. Gel coating blocks UV radiation and lasts decades longer than paint. See what our seamless tanks can do for you!

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